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Last month on February 6, we had a successful meetup with fellow players and readers of other like-minded websites.

While this meeting was reviled in the media as “pro-rape advocates” and other such lies, the simple truth is that a few of us living in and around Seoul met up, had a few beers, and talked for a couple of hours.

The main purpose of these meetups is simply to meet other men who share similar mindsets and worldviews as ourselves, as well as get to know one another on a personal level.

Because of media backlash and unsubstantiated outrage, all members are anonymous and no pictures of the event are taken. Even the men there only use first names, and if you’re still concerned about privacy you’re free to use a fake name.

This coming Saturday, March 5, we will be holding the second meetup of this group.

So far I have confirmation from about twice as many people as came last time.

When and Where Will the Meetup be Held?

The meeting place will be the same as before for this meeting. At the end of the meetup, we will decide to either keep the location or begin rotating to different parts of the city to accommodate the different living areas and travel time.

We will be meeting at 7pm (NOTE: different than the previous 8pm meetup time) at Jonggak station, exit 4. We will meet in front of Bosinggak Belfry. It’s a huge bell inside a temple looking structure, you really can’t miss it.

jonggak mapbosingak_belfry_bell_tower_in_seoulAs we didn’t encounter any protesters or resistance at the last meeting, I don’t anticipate any issues this time around either. However it would still be prudent to dress and act as simply as possible so as to not attract attention. If you want an extra layer of confirmation, you can still use the pet shop opener to make sure you found the right people, though at the last meeting we were the only foreigners around.

How Long Will the Meetup Last?

At the first meetup, we met at 8 and sat down around 8:30. We then talked until about 11 so everyone could catch the last train to wherever they needed to go.

I anticipate that this meetup will be around the same length: 2 to 3 hours.

After this time, I will be going out for drinks and women, doing my general Seoul Player thing. Any who wish to join for that part are welcome to come along. Any who wish to stay and keep talking are welcome to do that as well. At that point, you are welcome to invite women and friends to join as the official meetup will be finished.

Who Should Attend?

Regular readers of this site or of our partner sites found in the blogroll on the bottom left of this page are welcome to attend. In order to not be left waiting, email me to confirm that you will be coming. Contact me at jacknorth@theseoulplayer.com.

Those who have come before are welcome to bring a friend. If this is your first time, come alone to make sure we all mesh before bringing others to the meetup.

As always, women are not allowed at the official meetup. This is a place for men to discuss men’s issues and the introduction of women will necessarily change the nature of the interaction.

We will continue having this meeting on the first weekend of every month unless otherwise announced on the website. Those who attend the meeting in person will be informed further ahead of time and will have a vote on the next meeting place.

I hope to see you guys on Saturday and meet more of you!