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What is The Seoul Player all about?

Greetings, players!  I am Jack North, the original Seoul Player.

After years of being in Korea and watching guys struggle and complain about dealing with Korean women, I’m stepping in to give it to you straight.

The Seoul Player is a website where real men can come together to share and receive no-bullshit advice about how to deal with Korean women.

The internet is flooded with a ton of websites giving the same hollow or meaningless advice for dealing with women.  They tell you garbage like:

– Be more confident!

– Be more alpha!

– Just be yourself!

This is the same advice that your mom gave you when you were 13 years old and worried about your new crush.  In other words – IT’S USELESS.

Here at TSP, I bring you real advice with real stories from real experiences.

I tell you the real ways that I succeed with Korean women.

I also tell you real stories about how I FAIL with these women too!

Why would I do that?

So YOU can SUCCEED where I didn’t.  So YOU can learn from MY MISTAKES.

Whatever your goal is with Korean women, you will find the best advice for it HERE.

Want to get her number?  You can learn HERE.

Want to get laid?  You can learn HERE.

Want to get a girlfriend?  You can learn HERE.

Want to get married?  You can learn HERE.

Starting to get the picture?  I know what you NEED TO KNOW!  And the best part?  

I’m giving it all away here – FOR FREE!

But why should you listen to me?  Who am I to give you this most important advice? Well…

Who is The Seoul Player?

I am Jack North.

I have been living in Korea for the better part of a decade, first coming here as an English teacher.  I was always just a normal guy, living a normal life, doing normal things.

Then a few of my friends started asking me about how I was so successful with Korean women.

I started explaining a few things to them, and that led to teaching them in the field and coaching them.  And then their friends.  And then THEIR friends.  And soon, I became Jack North, the Seoul Player.

I love teaching men how to succeed with women, but the problem is that one-on-one I can only help a few select men.  When I write about it online, I can help exponentially more men, INCLUDING YOU!

In fact, I want to help YOU specifically.

I want to answer YOUR questions about dating Korean women!

All you have to do is tell me your name, email, and a question or frustration you are having with Korean women, and I will answer you directly!

So what are you waiting for?

Ask Me Now!


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  1. Hey man, glad to see you putting up good Korea-based content! If you ever hop across the pond to Japan let me know.


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