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As some of you may have heard, we recently had a meetup as part of a coordinated effort with men around the world. The meetup went exceedingly well. I got to meet several of my readers and supporters, and we had some beers and a great chat.  I really want to thank the guys who came, it was good to link up in real life.  Future plans will be posted on the site about the next meetups.

I also want to give a serious thank you and shout out to the feminists and white knights of Reddit Korea, who decided to give me a link on their site titled “Anyone going to this shit?”

These guys (and gals?) had a superbly successful Reddit campaign for me, which I’m a bit too humble to do myself.  In fact, I’ve never made a post on Reddit about my site.  (If you don’t believe me, you can see here.  The only things I’ve posted about are about a computer game I was trying to play in Korea.  Time to step up my Reddit game?)

Despite my lack of a presence on Reddit, this poster and his 19 commenter friends who had nothing good to say about me drove over 800 views to my little site in the first day of posting…. And 1,000 more the next day!


Interestingly enough, this fellow “magehawke” (P.S. cool name brah) who accidentally boosted my traffic is another anonymous nobody.  He has a grand total of 2 posts on Reddit, one being the post calling me shit and the other is a comment that actually starts out “LOL I used to work for this piece of shit company”.  If you can’t believe this guy, who can you believe?

This guy seems pretty damn legit though.  I would hire him to do more guerilla marketing for me if he weren’t anonymous.  Roughly 2,000 unique views in 2 days is pretty damn good.  Thanks man, email me at jacknorth@theseoulplayer.com.

For the record, I’m not anonymous.  You can see my real name and email address here, and a cursory google search for theseoulplayer shows my real pictures.  I just don’t have much need to post them here yet.

But This Is Korea!!

Not to be outdone by the cute little foreigner trying to make splashes in Korea’s wave pool, a Korean feminist tried her hand at it as well.

When she did this, my site saw a spike…. A HUGE SPIKE.


For reference: I’m writing this at 12:30am on the morning of the 11th and we already have 100 unique views… Compared to our standard 150-200 a day.  In fact, let’s compare it to how much the Redditors brought into the site.


That is February 5-10, Feb 5 being the Reddit post and Feb 10 being the last day reported by my google analytics for total pageviews.  Sorry Magehawk, you’re fired.  I’m hiring this girl instead!

Now, this girl who is known as SoulDress on Daum Cafe decided to post how bad and evil I am all over her cafe blog.  For anyone interested, SoulDress has decided to remain anonymous online as well. That’s okay, we can see she’s pretty busted. (WNB 4)

I think I see a trend here…


This little act of defiance against the “patriarchy” earned me a mind blowing number of views, 5 new emails from local guys interested in meeting and joining our tribe… And exactly one hate comment.


It was 5 whole awe inspiring words devoid of capitalization, but in her defense she used some minor punctuation and spelling is okay.

English Score: A-

Trolling Score: F

Marketing My Site For Free Score: Doubleplusgood

I’m so impressed by this girl’s ability to drive traffic to my site, I gave her an Orwell reference.  It’s hard to get that kind of notice on my radar.

Thank You Angry People!

Ultimately, though we may disagree on almost everything, we have finally found a common ground: driving people to my message.

I don’t bother doing any marketing.  I don’t advertise on Facebook, I don’t buy views, I don’t really care much about the numbers that come in except that I want to spread my message to other men in Korea.

I always thought that this site would grow by word of mouth… I just never knew it would be yours!

Thanks again girls… and I’ll be seeing you on Tinder soon!

-Jack North