Two Steps to Improve Your Game Today


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Improve your game!Everyone is different when it comes to game and dealing with women.  We all have different styles, different desires, different patterns and places where we perform best.

I hate clubs so as a result my club game is terrible.  The few times I get dragged to one for a friend’s birthday or some other occasion, I always strike out horribly.  It’s just not my style nor do I have any desire to improve my club game.

Your style is different from my style, I can guarantee that.  The guys I’ve met from the site have been amazed by the specific style that I have, and it’s entirely inimitable.  That doesn’t mean that it’s better or worse than any other style, only that it’s my own.

I am also at a different place in my personal and game development than you.  We all grow and change differently and consequently want different things at different times.

These simple truths make it incredibly difficult to offer advice that will apply to all men and help everyone equally.  I believe I’ve stumbled upon a solution to that issue. Continue reading

How Long Should I Stay in Korea?


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SinatraMyWayWhen I first moved to Korea back in late October of 2009, I was 23 years old.  I was coming for a year to experience something new and different before I moved home to begin my ‘real life.’

One month into my time here, I hated it.  Let’s be honest, winter in Korea blows.  It’s the absolute worst, and it really didn’t help that I was living in a small city in the middle of nowhere.  I couldn’t wait to get back home.

Then about halfway through my first year, I hit a super high point – summer.  Summer time in Korea is, without a doubt, the best times you’ll have here.  Now all of a sudden I was glad I lived in the center of Korea because I could go to Seoul or Busan without much trouble either way.  A weekend trip to the beach?  Perfect!  A Saturday rooftop party in Hongdae?  Why not?

By the end of my first year, I knew that I didn’t want to go back home… but I still had a nagging feeling that I was somehow putting off my ‘real life,’ simply delaying the inevitable and that every year I spent here would ultimately be a year wasted.

Now I’m still here, almost seven years later, and I have no regrets. Continue reading

The Two Best Ways to Approach Women


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approachWhen it comes to going out to meet new women, there are two general schools of thought among successful players – the Shotgun approach and the Sniper approach.

Just like the names imply, Shotgun game is more of a scattershot approach where you just cast a wide net and see who is receptive whereas Sniper game is a much more targeted approach where you look for exactly the type of girl who will be interested in taking things further with you.

Both methods have distinct advantages and benefits over the other, and they also have a lot to do with a player’s particular style. The consummate player though needs to be able to use either approach for meeting women and know exactly when, where, and how to apply them well. Continue reading

NOTICE: Upcoming Meetup for The Seoul Players Union


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Last month on February 6, we had a successful meetup with fellow players and readers of other like-minded websites.

While this meeting was reviled in the media as “pro-rape advocates” and other such lies, the simple truth is that a few of us living in and around Seoul met up, had a few beers, and talked for a couple of hours.

The main purpose of these meetups is simply to meet other men who share similar mindsets and worldviews as ourselves, as well as get to know one another on a personal level.

Because of media backlash and unsubstantiated outrage, all members are anonymous and no pictures of the event are taken. Even the men there only use first names, and if you’re still concerned about privacy you’re free to use a fake name.

This coming Saturday, March 5, we will be holding the second meetup of this group. Continue reading

Thank You Feminists and White Knights!


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As some of you may have heard, we recently had a meetup as part of a coordinated effort with men around the world. The meetup went exceedingly well. I got to meet several of my readers and supporters, and we had some beers and a great chat.  I really want to thank the guys who came, it was good to link up in real life.  Future plans will be posted on the site about the next meetups.

I also want to give a serious thank you and shout out to the feminists and white knights of Reddit Korea, who decided to give me a link on their site titled “Anyone going to this shit?” Continue reading

The Seoul Players Union Takes a Stand for Free Speech


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This coming Saturday, February 6, will be our first official meetup.

Men have messaged me from all across South Korea to express their intent to come join us this Saturday when we meet in the Bosingak Belfry, Jonggak station, in central Seoul. Maps are available here for those who wish to join, and if you need further information or help getting there, email me here for my direct contact information.

This informal gathering is happening worldwide among readers of Roosh V’s site as well as Return of Kings, a website where men discuss issues affecting their lives.

This meetup is turning into one of the most important events in what has been a long war against free speech, masculinity, and our personal rights and freedoms.

This idea of men meeting up and discussing issues is terrifying to the powers that be. Continue reading

First Seoul Player Meetup – February 6, 2016


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berserkersHey players, I hope everyone’s new year is off to a great start.  This is an exciting year, and a very important time for men all over the world.  As such, Roosh V (founder of Return of Kings) has decided to organize an international meetup day for masculine men all around the world.  You can read more about the event here.

We have decided to participate in this event, which involves creating a men’s space (no women allowed) where we can congregate and talk about whatever we like. Continue reading

How to Improve Your Conversations with Women


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What’s the ultimate fantasy goal of most men when they start learning about game and pickup?

Let’s be honest with ourselves here.

Most men want to be able to walk up to a hot girl and just say, “Hey I think you’re hot. My place or yours?” and then she comes with you for some great no strings attached sex. Maybe as a cherry on top she poses with you for a picture in your bed that you can show off to your friends later and brag.

Sounds awesome, right? Continue reading

First Q&A with Jack North


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Hey players! In several posts I have put out a call for questions, and I’ve received quite a bit of email feedback. While I answer all my emails personally, I would like to take a chance to answer the most frequently asked questions in an open forum. I’ve tried to group them together in a way that makes sense as a straight read through, so they’re not necessarily in the order of most to least asked, but rather a more flowing thought process for both me and you readers.

The most basic question always comes from guys who are having trouble meeting women in Korea. These guys all come from different countries and backgrounds with wildly different personality types from the false bravado of young military bucks to the bookworm type who are still wearing their chinos out on the town like it’s a 90’s nightclub. The one commonality between all these men and their inability to get the women and numbers they want is their skepticism of the game.

The single most common question among them all is:

“Why should I learn ‘game’?” Continue reading

How to Tinder in Korea – Part 4


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Here we go players, it’s time for the final installment in The Seoul Player’s Guide to Tindering in Korea: The Date. We’re going to go over the details, specifics, and logistics of taking out a Tinder date in Korea for a (hopefully) successful evening.

If you missed the other parts, you can find them here – About Me, Pictures, and Messaging.  As always, Julius will give his take first, followed by my thoughts.

JULIUS: One of the best things about Tinder is that it skips the approaching and trying to get a woman interested in you and replaces it with a right swipe. In other words, you’re not there to work on that. That part has been done for you. So once you begin messaging and things are going smoothly, you’ll just have to figure out when and where to meet.

Some women might want to meet within the day of matching, while others wait about a week or so to see how you are as a person. Do not take the immediate meetup as a guarantee for hooking up; a few people just want to go on a blind date and see how it goes. Continue reading