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What’s going on players?!

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, I’ve had an… extended hiatus here.  More specifically, I’ve been missing in action from this site for about a year and a half.

What happened to you, Jack?  Are you still in Korea? Are you even still alive?  I got these questions and many more like them in my inbox every single week for the last 18 months or so.

First of all, yes I’m still alive.  Yes, I’m still answering all my emails and yes, I’m still teaching guys how to be successful with Korean women.  Worry not, young padawan, Papa Jack is still kicking, playing, and going strong!

A lot has changed in my life since I last wrote.  Part of that has been by choice and part of it has been an inevitable change and growth as I’ve been growing older.  Overall, these changes have all been a net positive for me, and for you dear reader, they will surely be a boon to you as I now have more stories and experiences to share with you as I guide you down the precarious path of pooze.

As a result of these developments and my general maturation, you may notice a few changes in my writing style.  For one, I haven’t had as much drive as before to go out and pick up slutty girls for quick sex. This is probably a byproduct of aging and maturing, similar to how college kids can genuinely enjoy Natty Light but after graduation it becomes detestable.  While I still have casual flings here and there between main girls, I just don’t find it as satisfying as I once did. I realize that a solid majority of you guys are looking for casual sex though, so I’ll keep writing about the ideas and strategies behind it, though it will be mixed with other things that I’ve had success with.  I’ve been experimenting with other ways of meeting and being with women that I will be able to share with you guys, further expanding our repertoire of reproductive resources.

The other change that will be forthcoming is that I will be writing some more material geared toward relationships and longer term situations rather than focusing purely on hookups and one-nighters.  This isn’t a particularly new facet of my personal game and lifestyle, but I’ve been surprised by the number of questions I’ve received in this realm. It’s a subject that I didn’t think would be popular with my general readership, but it clearly is.  To that end, I will be trying to bring more content geared specifically toward the relationship-minded gents out there.

I’ll be revamping my tag and sorting system of articles so that relationship centered articles will be clearly delineated while pickup focused articles will also be marked for easy access and reference.

To that end, it’s good to be back and writing for you guys, and I hope that you enjoy the changes and articles to come.  As always, you are welcome to send your questions, comments, and true confessions to me here at  I will respond to feedback and do my best to cover the material you guys are most interested in learning about!