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LOOKS: 4-8 (before surgery), 6-9 (after surgery)

ONS: 10% – 25%

LTR: Medium desirability

The Gold Digger and The Materialist are different girls, but only because of their natural stations in life.  They essentially have the same style and interest, which is money, but the difference is whether or not they already have money.

The Gold Digger is exactly what you think of when you hear the Kanye West song.  She’s a girl without much in the way of personal means, and she hopes to access more money and status by way of getting them from you.  She will often try to affect the personality traits of The Prude in order to give herself a veneer of desirability, but it will be plainly obvious to any aware man that it’s an act.  Failing this, she will try to withhold sex unless a significant amount of money is spent on her, whether through gifts, meals, fancy bottles of wine, or other such frivolities.

The Materialist is slightly different because she starts from a different position.  The Materialist is almost always a girl that comes from family money.  She will carry brand name bags, the newest iPhone, and will be wearing jewelry and other overpriced accessories.  For The Materialist, showing off her expensive items is a form of status and it has become an ingrained habit.  You will notice small details that show how she not-so-subtly points out the things she has and how expensive they are.  For example, rather than putting her purse on the chair next to her like most girls, she will set it on the table and leave it uncovered so everyone can see the designer brand.  She may also do other things to show off her money, such as ordering extra food / drink that she has no intention of consuming, or simply telling the waiter to bring the most expensive thing on the menu without even looking at it.

Despite their differences, The Materialist and The Gold Digger are very similar to each other in their basic mentality.  They view money and consumer goods as status, and they’re always trying to climb the ladder to a higher station in life.  They look down on those below them with scorn usually reserved for cockroaches, while simultaneously envying those above them and yearning to move up and join a more elite social class.  While men who want to improve their position in the food chain will work for it or become creative, these women view the goodies between their legs as the golden ticket to snatching up a rich (or soon-to-be rich) husband to carry them into the seat of royalty they believe they were born for.

The truly remarkable thing about both The Materialist and The Gold Digger is that they truly and innately believe that they deserve everything they have and more.  You won’t detect a single ounce of shame from one of these girls when they go to a bar (on your tab for The Digger) and order a specialty drink off-menu that costs more than an average meal for four.  They feel destined for a life of wealth and luxury fit for the princesses they think they are.

As a discerning man who can pick up on these cues, the predictability and obviousness of these girls is very easy to exploit for your own gain.

If you have money, the obvious solution to wet her panties is to flaunt it.  Pick her up for a date in a nice car, or even better, hire a limo to drive you around town.  This isn’t a realistic option for most people though, and honestly these girls aren’t worth dropping that kind of dough.  You’ll be much better off playing the role of a discerning spender that makes her earn every bit.

If your goal is sex or a relationship and her goal is money and status, don’t give up your bargaining chip easily.  Or better yet, show her that you have something better to offer than money by just letting her be in your company and enjoy the ride with you.

These girls have had everything in their life given to them by men, whether it was from their family or boyfriends, so even if they have an exceedingly high allowance, they are used to being dependents and following the lead of someone stronger and more capable.  While they have used money to judge people in the past, you can show strength without spending.

Maintaining your frame and doling out discipline and rewards as she earns them will result in her respecting you infinitely more than if you simply opened your wallet.  Leadership and strength of character are the traits she will instinctively follow whether you are a prince or a pauper.

Keys to sealing the deal: While both women have similar personalities, a slightly different game should be used for each type of girl.  The Materialist already has money, so flaunting yours won’t impress her much.  It’s better to instead to be completely indifferent to the things that usually impress other people.  You want to separate yourself from the crowd of other men chasing her.  Everyone else compliments her on her style or her possessions, refuse to follow suit.  You can tease her about caring so much about unimportant things, or even better, take her to places that rich people wouldn’t ever go and show her a great time while slumming it up.

Ultimately, creativity and indifference to her whims will win you more points with this girl than any amount of buying things and supplicating for her.  Make sure she knows that she’s your sugar mama, not the other way around.  Let her chase you.  Let her feel like you’re doing a favor by putting up with her insecurities and neuroses.  And make no mistake, you really are the one doing her a favor.  Let her pay you back by buying you some nice wine and taking you to a high-end hotel room to finish off the night.

The Gold Digger will be looking to feel like a princess, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to spend like a prince.  A good move with her will be something a bit childish to bring back feelings of daddy-love.  A surprise ice cream date will help her regress mentally and emotionally, which lowers the standards for what is expected of you.  It also won’t break the bank.  Another good choice would be a trip to an amusement park, those are always excellent for easy escalation opportunities.

Word to the wise: Other girls may be willing to put up with a slightly messy apartment, but a Gold Digger absolutely will not.  Even if your date was perfect, if you get her home to a hive of scum and villainy, she will bail.  Opt for a moderate motel room instead.

The main thing to remember with these girls is that money, status, and power are all equivalent in their mind.  Showing any of these in abundance will go a long way.  This is especially true of status and power, because money is the easiest of the three to get as far as they know.  If you’re a musician or performer of some kind, make a big deal about your shows and your venues.  Even if you just have friends that are slightly important, overemphasize your connections.  If you’re fresh off the boat and don’t know anyone yet, just being dominant throughout the interaction will probably be enough to get you most of the way there.

Where to find her: The Materialist will likely be found in her natural habitat – a department store in the trendy part of town.  If you want one who likes to party, check out the club of the month in Gangnam and you’ll surely find plenty of these girls around.  Be aware before you go that you will have to drop some serious cash or status to even show up on their radars here.

If you keep your eye out, you can spot these girls in the wild in other places too.  If you play your cards right, you can get them to buy all sorts of things for you too.  Just make sure you play to your mark, not to who you want or expect her to be, and you’ll be fine.

As for the Gold Digger, I wouldn’t recommend searching one of these out.  They tend to sprout up like weeds among the other better flowers, so you’re bound to run into them from time to time.  Were you to actually search one out, I would recommend Craigslist or some other seedy online venue.

Pros and cons: One way in which The Materialist stands head and shoulders over her shovel-laden competitor is that she can, and will, buy things for you.  A lot of things.  Not just dinner and drinks.  I’ve had one of these girls buy me enough new clothes that I threw out almost everything I had before.  There have also been reported cases of guys getting fully furnished apartments rented for them if there is a substantial distance between the lovers.

A notable con for the Materialist though is she is quickly bored.  She likely considers you a pet project, and there’s even a decent chance that she’s already married.  This makes you disposable on a whim, so getting attached to one of these girls is an easy recipe for a broken heart.  Avoid emotional attachment to her if at all possible.

The Gold Digger has a separate set of pros and cons.  For starters, she can be quite easy to impress.  The great thing about The Gold Digger is that she has a terrific imagination for future possibilities.  A girl without imagination is impervious to seduction because she can’t be tantalized with ideas of what’s yet to come.  The Gold Digger builds her life around pie in the sky futures, and the slightest hint that you could be the source of that will have her wrapped around your finger.  This will last as long as you want it to or as long as you can keep up the illusion.

As a result of this however, The Gold Digger has a tendency to become overly attached once she’s picked you, sometimes to the point of codependence.  By the time the relationship reaches a semi-serious note, she will have already planned out your future success and life together in her head.  For this reason, it’s always a bad idea to lead a Gold Digger any further down the rabbit hole than you are willing to commit to yourself.  Be careful because a Gold Digger scorned can easily turn into a Crazed Lover, leaving you to deal with a Chernobyl level of fallout.

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