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LOOKS: 5-8 (makeup), 4-6 (no makeup)

ONS: (60%-90%)

LTR: (Very Low Desirability)

The Husband Hunter is between the ages of 29 and 38 Korean age.  This is necessarily the case because she chose not to wife herself up early, and Korean parents start pestering her to hurry up and get married before her beauty fades.  The sad fact of the matter is that it has likely already begun.  While Korean girls do tend to hold their beauty for much longer than their western counterparts, they also hit a wall around their late twenties the same as all women.  This is especially true of the Party Animal, the Alcoholic, the Slut, and often times the Foreigner Lover.

The Husband Hunter’s main objective is to find a man who is financially sound to marry her.  At this point, she may resemble a Prude, or even claim to be one.  Don’t fall for the trap.  You will know she’s selling snake oil because all the telltale signs will be there: too much makeup in place of youthful beauty, wrinkles starting to come in from late sleepless nights of smoking cigarettes and player pole, a slight muffin top pooch from overdrinking and drunken binge-eating, and a roast beef vagina from years of abuse and overuse.  It’s the golden lure that has trapped many a big fish in the past.  She’s still good looking enough to pass the boner test, and has the “wisdom of age” working for her as well.  I will tell you first-hand that these girls are equally vapid and devoid of wisdom as their 18-year old counterparts, but without the genuine eye candy and virginal experience that accompanies such youth.

One of the biggest draws of the Husband Hunter however, is that she is much more comfortable with sex before commitment.  Unlike the Prude, who values emotional commitment over physical, the Husband Hunter has more notches than many men her age.  Because of this, she has developed a nonchalance about sex that it is nothing to her but a carrot to dangle before a man who might be willing to support her habits of consumerism and indulgence for years to come.  The Husband Hunter is a crafty target, and if you’re not careful, you could easily get caught in her snare.

One of the Husband Hunter’s tactics for catching a good beta provider is overdramatization of regular mundane life occurrences.  You will often catch her spinning tales of “woe is me” over such things as a coffee shop getting her order wrong, increasing pressure (tyrannical to hear her tell it) from her mother to get married, or other such things that simply would not show up on the daily event radar of any rational human being.  Alternatively, she may place great emphasis on the amazingness of your own achievements.  An example might be if you tell her about a vacation you took to a foreign country, and she responds far beyond the normal rate of enthusiasm.  She’s sizing you up as a potential golden ticket, and every little bit of value you display makes her imagination start spinning wildly out of control.  Don’t let her flattery fool you though, she’s not nearly as interested in your trip as she is in the fact that you may one day take her on such trips.  The narcissism factor is very high with this type of girl, and no matter what you say, it will only be reflected back in her mind as how it pertains directly to her.

Only pursue this one if your bullshit tolerance is high and you are able to eject at a moment’s notice with no fear of reprisal.  The Husband Hunter can easily turn into a Crazed Lover if proper caution is not taken.  As a last cautionary note, never under any circumstances bring her to your home.  Even if sex is guaranteed, drop the cash for a love motel, or go to her place if she happens to live alone.  Even her knowing your phone number can be dangerous, much safer to only give her your Kakao ID or simply avoid altogether.

Keys to Sealing the Deal: If you find a Husband Hunter that piques your interest, the most important thing is commiserating with her mundane tales.  You don’t have to actually listen to what she says, but you should agree with most everything about “Poor you,” and “Oh, she’s such a bitch.”  In other words, act like the beta provider she’s looking for.  Her narcissism will allow her to overlook the fact that you aren’t paying attention.  While doing this, keep the physical moving forward, and she’ll unconsciously associate her good feelings of validation with you touching her.  Have a glass (or three) of wine as you talk to her, and let her cheeks get nice and pink.  About that time, you just take her by the hand and lead her out the door and it’s yours to lose.

Where to Find Her: If they still let her into clubs, you have a good chance of finding her there, but because of the other talent available it’s never going to be worth it.  It’s worth reminding you here that many Korean clubs have an age cutoff limit for entry that’s around 30, but that is usually lifted for foreigners, as many Koreans want to go out of their way to show how accommodating they are for us.  A better place to find her is probably on the street walking her small white Maltese, because they all have one.  You might find her with a friend in an ice cream or dessert shop whining loudly in Korean or laughing too loud at small things, showcasing her ultra highs and ultra lows.  Another possibility is that a Korean friend, usually about the same age as her, will offer to introduce you by telling you how she’s so beautiful and fun to be around.  These blind dates are a sort of trap in their own right, but this one is especially heinous, and probably friendship breaking.  If you do get stuck in this situation and you’re yearning to get your dick wet, you’re in for a rather easy go of it.  Just keep the logistics tight and turn your brain off before entering.

Pros and Cons: The cons on this one are numerous, but there are a few pros to go with it.  The first and most obvious one is that same day sex is nearly guaranteed.  She knows that she has little to offer other than the axe wound between her legs, and after giving it up so much, it holds little value even to her.  By the time she’s met you, she’s already been on the prowl all day and her battery operated boyfriend isn’t cutting it any more.  She’ll be ready to go from the jump, but she wants a little display of value or attention from you first.  She may pretend she wants to ‘take it slow’ or ‘be cautious’ with you before sex, but that is simply a natural reaction to the slut meter in her head still being in the end zone after her most recent pump and dump.  Some strong leadership and a conversation of very few words will have this one squirming in her seat quickly, ready to go somewhere together.

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