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Since I’ve started writing down my thoughts about meeting Korean girls, I’ve started becoming more analytical about what exactly has helped cause my successes or failures in different situations.  I was looking back through old message records with different girls that either worked out for me or didn’t, trying to see the difference.  While most of the conversations had very similar lines and themes, one thing stood out between the girls I eventually hooked up with and those who I didn’t – I made a concerted effort to meet them again as soon as possible.

I’ve written before about my belief in the 3 Day Rule, but even more important than initial contact is to take the interaction analog as soon as possible.  This is extremely important in all budding romances, but especially crucial if you’re dealing with online dating or Tinder.

I looked closely and noticed that the best rate of date to bang was with the girls I met less than five days after initial contact.  Since most of the numbers I take as well as the most promising prospects come from weekends out in party areas, this means that my best rate came if I first met them on a Friday or Saturday and then had a follow up meeting on a weekday within the next week.  These girls that I went out with very shortly after initial contact had a success rate of over 70%.

The rate went down to around 50% if we met the following weekend instead of a weekday.  Part of this is due to flaking, as girls who are in demand will always have more than one prospect, and also could be caused by me cockblocking myself.  The overall date to hookup ratio is still pretty solid, and even if a weekend girl falls through, there’s always a new one to replace her.  However the biggest difference came if I tried to meet her more than a week after initial contact.

After just one week the rate dropped to less than 10%.

At this point more than a week on, several factors start to spring up.  The conversation becomes noticeably drier and more predictable and response time slows considerably.  She also may not exactly remember what made her so charmed and interested the first night.  She’s probably talking to other guys, and you’re talking to other girls too.

Ultimately, one or both of us wasn’t interested enough to meet and keep the seduction going.  We were both interested enough initially to exchange information in hopes to meet again and take things further, but I failed to convert that initial interest into something more physical.  And this was, without a doubt, a failure on my part.  Whether it’s fair or not, the onus to lead the dance of seduction falls squarely on the man’s shoulders.  This is why it’s so very important to do everything possible to make the next step happen and make the date.