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Improve your game!Everyone is different when it comes to game and dealing with women.  We all have different styles, different desires, different patterns and places where we perform best.

I hate clubs so as a result my club game is terrible.  The few times I get dragged to one for a friend’s birthday or some other occasion, I always strike out horribly.  It’s just not my style nor do I have any desire to improve my club game.

Your style is different from my style, I can guarantee that.  The guys I’ve met from the site have been amazed by the specific style that I have, and it’s entirely inimitable.  That doesn’t mean that it’s better or worse than any other style, only that it’s my own.

I am also at a different place in my personal and game development than you.  We all grow and change differently and consequently want different things at different times.

These simple truths make it incredibly difficult to offer advice that will apply to all men and help everyone equally.  I believe I’ve stumbled upon a solution to that issue.

Earlier I was reading an article on daily routines over at Danger and Play where Mike detailed his own daily routine and then put out a call to action at the end of his article.  It was a simple and elegant question that will allow every person to improve his or her daily routine immediately:

“What is one change you could make to your daily routine that would make your life better?”

I really like the concept behind this, and daily routines are important.  Pre-game routines are also important.  Roosh recommended watching an episode of Seinfeld before going out to talk to women, others recommend going to the gym or having a couple of drinks to prime yourself for interactions.

For me personally, I’m a very social person and I’m pretty much always on for social interactions.  I rarely ever have approach anxiety, and even on those rare occasions I use it to play a slightly awkward but cute approach.

For example, I recently had success on the subway when Stallion challenged me to pick up a girl by telling her she needed braces – an incredibly awkward approach no matter your state of mind.  I played it like I was looking for a model for my father’s orthodontic clinic posters, but it was awkward and strange.  She thought I was cute, even though I was obviously lying and uncomfortable, and it ended up working for me as we set up a date for the following weekend.  It was a mixture of luck and her availability, plus the fact that I’ve spent many years of my life as a slightly cute awkward guy so I could play the part well.  I wouldn’t recommend relying on that style, though it’s not entirely without success.

You should definitely find a warm up routine that works for you and gets you in the right state of mind before your first approach, but that’s not necessarily the way to improve your game today.

What Can I Do to Improve TODAY?

Similarly to the daily routine exercise prescribed by Mike, you should ask yourself that ever important question.

“What is one change you could make to your game that would make you better?”

The reality is that you probably already know what you’re doing well and what you’re not doing well.

Are you having trouble doing approachesWhy is that?  Think about your warmup routine, maybe you need to hit the gym for a confidence boost, maybe you need to change up your style.

Are you having issues with the language barrier?  Sit your ass down and study some Korean!  Download Memrise and spend an hour a day learning new words.  Start texting girls in Korean.  Challenge yourself to speak only Korean when you go out at night.

Are you having trouble with escalation?  Maybe you need to get your logistics sorted out better.  Maybe you need to be more aggressive.  Maybe you need to start your physical contact earlier and harder.  Maybe you need to spend 5 minutes on Chaturbate so you lose your Madonna-whore complex.  None of these girls are as innocent as they act.

Simply put, I don’t know what issues you are having.  Only you know.  Even if you ask me for advice, you probably won’t give the full details or the right details for me to help you perfectly.  Like Dr. House famously said, “Everyone lies.”

Are you willing to do what is necessary?

If you want to improve your game and your success rate with Korean women, you are going to have to face some truths about yourself.  You will need to take steps to fix them immediately and focus on not falling back into old habits.

I won’t pretend that it’s an easy thing to do.  It’s uncomfortable to gaze into the mirror and be objective about what is looking back at you.  It’s even more difficult to admit your flaws and take steps to correct them.  But that’s what’s necessary to improve your game.

If you want easy answers, there are plenty of ‘gurus’ out there who have ‘all the answers’.  There are lots of dating coaches that claim that any man can attract any woman at any time… If you’re willing to pay for their $1500 weekend-long boot camp.

That stuff is bullshit and you know it deep down.  Snake oil is the same that is has been for centuries: ‘easy’ solutions with a hefty price tag attached.

Side note: It’s interesting that a lot of the guys who buy all the ‘expert’ books and attend these boot camps are game denialists.  They feel that something is missing but they aren’t willing to put in the work on their own to get better, so they troll online and throw money down a hole in secret.

The most amazing part is that those boot camps are designed specifically to fleece men out of their money.  They don’t actually give any real improvements or results, just a temporary confidence boost where they tell you how great you are and then they throw you right back out into the wild with no new changes for most men.

Instead of that, I’m giving you the real deal no bullshit advice.  And I’m giving it out for free.  In fact, I could make a killing in Korea running these so-called boot camps and teaching guys useless but flashy stuff that makes them feel good.  I would rather help you actually improve yourself, your game, and your success rate.

The guys that have contacted me to ask for advice and help are in constant contact with me.  We are in contact nearly every day and trade notes and ideas.  And I don’t charge them a penny.  It’s because I genuinely want to help my readers.

But free advice is never easy.  It means that you have to do the work.  I can’t do it for you, even if you pay me every red cent you have.

So now ask yourself that important question once again.

“What is one change you could make to your game that would make you better?”

Then ask yourself one more question to follow it up:

“What am I going to do to change it?”

Get to work gents.  Spring time is prime hunting time.

And if you honestly don’t know what to change or how to improve, email me and I’ll help you get started: jacknorth@theseoulplayer.com

See you in the field, players!