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Hey players, I hope you’re all having a great Christmas today!

I’m currently writing this from another country where I can’t find reliable wifi, so it’s been difficult for me to post recently. But worry not players, The Head Player himself will be back in Korea shortly!

As we come up to a new year, it’s important to reflect on this year’s successes as well as what the coming year holds for us.

For us in the Union, it has been a great year. We just started about 6 months ago, and we have grown and expanded more than I could have hoped for in that short time. We had tens of thousands of visitors, as well as migrating from a wordpress.com site to a big-boy site of our own. I’ve met several of our members face to face and we’ve discussed different questions and issues that they are having. Free in-person consultations are one of the best benefits of being a subscriber and hanging out with the Papa Player himself.

We also have some really big plans and projects in the works for the coming year, and while I can’t discuss the details yet, know that it will be some great new stuff for you guys. It will also have special benefits for you players that are subscribed to the newsletter, so if you’re not subscribed yet do it now.

Now that you know more about our growth and development through the year, I want to hear about your year. Send me an email and tell me how your year went. What did you do this year to meet more women? How did it work out? What can you do to improve your skills or success ratio? What are your goals regarding women for this coming year?

It’s time to step up and improve yourself and your success with women.

Need help doing that? Send an email.

Have questions about what to do next? Send an email.

Hell, even if you just want to brag about how you’re so good with women that you don’t need any help, put it in an email.

Let us know what kind of things you want to read about and we’ll do everything we can to answer your questions and concerns.

Here’s to a great 2016 filled with all the love and lust that your heart desires!

Til next year, players.