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LOOKS: Varies wildly

ONS: (50%-100%)

LTR: (Low to Medium desirability)

The Foreigner Lover is the first experience most foreigners have with Korean girls.  This is the girl who speaks English very well because of either extensive time spent abroad or having relationships with one or more foreigners.  The FL is difficult to pin down in a stereotype because the girls that exemplify this archetype very so wildly in experience and looks, but one thing is common between all of them – they LOVE foreign dick.  They got a taste somewhere, be it in Korea, on a vacation, or while living in another country, and they decided that it was all they wanted for the rest of their lives.  These are the girls who have lots of foreigner friends, especially on Facebook.  They have a taste for the beta thirstiness which so many foreigners are willing to throw their way online, especially Indian and Middle Eastern men.  Expect this girl to have well over 1,000 Facebook “friends”, and a bare minimum of 10% that she’s never met or spoken to.  It’s worth noting here in case you’re getting the wrong idea, almost no Koreans are interested in getting a green card or visa to your home country, so don’t attribute it to that.  It’s simply a fascination with the otherness of it, either because they particularly like your culture or because they carry great contempt for their own, usually a bit of both.

You can spot the FL from miles away because you see her everywhere you go.  She really gets off on going to events populated mostly by foreigners, such as wine tastings, foreign cultural events, foreign restaurants, and of course the ever-ubiquitous language exchanges and “international” parties.  She uses the excuse of practicing English as a rationalization to visit foreigner heavy places and events, oftentimes at bars or parties where she has yet another excuse for why she got drunk and fucked your friend.  The FL can blend seamlessly into almost any other type of girl (with the notable exception of the Shy Girl), but she is still her own creature.  The habits, styles, and behaviors of the FL will clearly set her apart from a girl who is not one.  For example, a regular Korean Party Animal at a party will brush off anything other than top shelf men, regardless of race, and may even penalize you for being a foreigner.  A FL Party Animal on the other hand will likely seek you out in a party if you’re displaying high enough value, and the simple fact of being a foreigner will greatly heighten her attraction for you.  The same can be said of any other role that she plays – you will always be rewarded for being a foreigner.

While this seems great on the surface, it’s a double-edged sword.  The fact that she is interested in you solely for being born in another country means a couple of important things: the attraction and specialness of it will likely fade fast, and you’re also not the only one she’s interested in and/or banging at the time.  The FL most often blends in best as an Alcoholic or Slut, and she’s often fucked most or all the guys in whatever group of friends she happens to be running with at the time.  I personally know a girl in Seoul who has had sex with every member of two different competing bands, all of them being foreigners.  I also know from personal experience that she doesn’t ever wrap it up.  The revelation when I found out about this was enough to send me straight to a neighborhood clinic, do not pass go, do not collect $200.

On the other hand, many foreigners will be attracted to her first and foremost because of her ability to speak English relatively well.  While most Koreans can carry on a basic conversation in English, their well of school-learned vocabulary and sentence drills quickly dry up.  The FL however is able to converse reasonably well about most things in English.  She is likely pretty well-informed about your country or culture, and will enjoy talking to you about it.  She will also use this to stroke your ego and tell you how superior it is to Korean culture.  Unfortunately, because most foreigners don’t bother to become well-acquainted with the Korean language, they end up in long term relationships with, or even marrying, these girls for no reason other than the fear of a language barrier.  This is a reason each city in Korea has a local support group called the VKW, or Victims of Korean Wives.

While the allure of a beautiful Korean girl who speaks English and shares values with western culture sounds appealing on the surface, don’t forget that they also pick up all the negative qualities and culture from the west as well.  These girls are far less likely to be loyal than even regular Korean Party Animals, and will not hesitate to emasculate you, even in public.  The good news though is that it’s extremely easy to get sex out of them, and they’re usually pretty cool to hang out with as long as you’re not dating them.  Keep things casual with the FL – either pump and dump or keep them as a fuck buddy, but don’t give her commitment and don’t allow her to give you any shit.

Keys to Sealing the Deal: This one isn’t a tough pull at all.  She’ll already be interested in you from the beginning, especially if you’re in a place without too many foreigners around or you seem like the most interesting one in the bar.  The easiest thing about scoring with the FL is that you don’t have to speak awkwardly or act as a visual clown because there’s not a much of a language barrier.  You can use your natural humor and tell your stories exactly as you would back home, but it will be ten times more interesting to her because it will be the first time she’s heard them.  The only things really needed to get the bang from the FL is a few interesting stories, decent conversation skills, and a couple of drinks.  If you’ve been struggling with the language barrier though, remember that the two or three stories you have in reserve may not be enough this time because you get through them much quicker.  Have backups or a few simple things to impress and bedazzle her, like a basic card trick, cold reading, or a funny cross-cultural joke.  She wants to see stars and you’re holding a kaleidoscope. All you have to do is hand it to her.

Where to Find Her: The Alcoholic and Slut strains of FL can be found at any bar that caters to foreigners, especially bars with live music.  The Party Animal variety will of course be at clubs, specifically in hip hop clubs like those found around military bases.  These girls tend to skew on the younger side, so university areas are always a safe bet.  You will also find the more garden variety ‘racially-curious’ versions at seemingly innocuous language exchanges and global meetups.  Standard game rules apply here though, if you meet at a group event, especially if it starts before 9pm or on a weekday, your chances of closing that night are significantly lower.  Pay attention to the adverts for the events, because some language exchanges and meetups offer alcohol or even free club entrance with the group afterwards, while others do not and will likely only net you a few numbers at best.  Increase your chances by sticking to weekend events that start a bit later and serve alcohol, otherwise you’ll wind up with a phone full of meaningless numbers that will go nowhere.

Pros and Cons: The FL’s greatest pros are also her greatest cons.  She speaks English, but you’ll always know in the back of her mind it’s because you’re not the first guy she’s been with that didn’t speak Korean.  She probably has some interesting travel stories or experiences, but you also know that she was busy getting railed out by all the Eastern Europeans as she went on her ‘amazing’ backpacking trek.  Also she’s probably already fucked one of your buddies and you may or may not know it yet.  She’s cool to hang out with and knows how to handle herself in social situations, though she probably has little to no homemaking skills and will never make you a homecooked dinner.  This makes her desirability as a long term partner quite low, but many men would still consider her a medium prospect just because of the language barrier.  I wouldn’t recommend this one for more than a dozen or so bangs, and even then only if you happen to frequent the same places.

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