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LOOKS: 6-8 (makeup), 4-8 (no makeup)

ONS: 25% – 50%

LTR: Medium to High desirability

The Prude is a very common type of girl in Korea.  She is usually young, 26 or younger, but old enough that she has clearly made decisions about what kind of person she wants to be known as.  Many girls in Korea are overly concerned about what other people think about them, and as such she never wants to be seen as anything other than proper.  The Prude may be religious, and will even go out of her way to tell you about her virtuous ways and actions, whether they are true or not.  She may tell you that she’s never had a boyfriend before, or even that she has one now, but this is no real impediment to a proper player’s passion for pussy.  Even if she says she has a boyfriend, you can safely ignore it or even make fun of it, because many times it’s a lie to appear more angelic, and even if it’s true, what kind of good prude would be out on the town having a flirtatious talk with a new stranger?  Her pure outward demeanor is often a cover for something much dirtier bubbling underneath.

The Prude is playing the role of the righteous ‘good girl,’ the one who boys would be proud to take home to their mothers.  In this way, the Prude is similar to the Husband Hunter, but she’s not in a big hurry to rush into marriage just yet, though she may start dropping hints early on.  The Prude may actually be a virgin, and in Korea there are many of these to be had, but that’s rarely (if ever) because of religious reasons or so she can save herself for marriage.  The truth is something much more carnal and raw – she has simply never had someone take charge and get her juices flowing.

The Prude is no stranger to attention, as her pretty face and girlish charm have had “good” guys throwing themselves at her for years.  Her lackluster body (or more likely, her small boobs) haven’t attracted bad boys to her enough for them to bother pursuing her much, and so she’s developed a complex about her physical attractiveness and also has a strong distaste for those bad boys and the Party Animal girls who have dominated the scene since her high school years.  Make no mistake though, the Prude does not want a supplicating beta male, quite the opposite.  She’s looking for someone a bit similar to her, presentable on the outside but with deep carnal lust and passion on the inside.  Oftentimes the prude is waiting for someone to take her out of the public eye so she can indulge her darker side.

The real Prude has one thing going for her over the other types of Korean girls – she’s the closest thing to marriage material that you’ll find in Korea.  She is probably a cute librarian type, has little experience with men, and is eager to please.  If she doesn’t already know how to cook well, she will be willing to learn.  The same is true in the sexual realm.  She won’t have much experience before, but will be happy to follow instructions.  A Prude will never give the same satisfaction to your eyes as the ultra-attractive Party Animal, but having the peace of mind that (if you’re doing it right) she’s not fucking other guys can be a significant boost for her as a prospect.  The Prude is probably the best girl for a long-term relationship, as she is the most likely to be loyal and reciprocate genuine affection.

Keys to sealing the deal: Walk the fence between alpha and beta.  Don’t come off as a slutty player, but she definitely wants you to have experience and lead the way.  Negging will not work with the Prude, teasing and light ribbing will take you much further.  Keep her laughing and giggling, and of course, find ways to have as much physical contact as possible.  Try to start your interaction in a comfortable public place, maybe a restaurant, coffee shop, or taking a walk.  After establishing just enough comfort that she knows you’re not a creeper, get her somewhere more private and intimate.  A lounge bar without too many people or a dimly-lit corner of a park will probably do the trick.  One or two drinks will be enough to let her justify the bang in her mind.  Once you get the kiss, you’re halfway home.  Take her to a taxi, get in, and just tell the driver where to go.  She will likely not object, especially if your logistics are solid.

Where to find her: You won’t find the Prude in a sleazy bar, and she wouldn’t be caught dead in a night club.  Your best bets for finding her are going to be innocuous places: gym, church, subway train, etc.  If you’re looking for the Prude, make a point of picking out a good church or gym with some local talent.  Especially look near university areas, the Prude will make herself known here.

Pros and cons: The Prude is a relatively cheap and easy notch to get with just a little patience.  She doesn’t require any specifically flashy clothes or trips to the club, and doesn’t need a long night out at the bar like the Alcoholic.  She may, however, require a few dates before putting out.  Also the Prude is not usually the hottest girl, probably floating in the 5 – 7 range with a few 8’s sneaking into this category.  Be wary though if they seem either too good looking or experienced to fit into the Prude category, as they may be reformed Party Animals turned Husband Hunter.  The Prude often looks for a commitment of monogamy, if not a complete boyfriend promise within the first couple of bangs, so that could be good or bad depending on what you want.  However, because they are generally passive by nature, you might be able to dodge that conversation altogether and guiltlessly keep the Prude in your harem for a significant amount of time. They make excellent side or weeknight regulars.

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