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LOOKS: 4-6+

ONS: 20% – 35%

LTR: Low to Medium desirability

Korea's Female Worker Bee

Who Is The Worker Bee?

The Worker Bee’s most notable feature, as her name suggests, is that she is focused almost single-mindedly on her work and career.  She drank the Kool-Aid and honestly believes that having a career of super long work days and no weekends off is the key to success and happiness.

Because of this, there’s a very good chance that if you meet or even date a Worker Bee, you likely won’t ever know very much about her or her personality.  Much of her sense of self-worth comes from her job, so she most likely works in some sort of high status position such as for Samsung or LG. Any personality outside of working, having dinner with coworkers, and complaining about work will be minimal to nonexistent.

Because of this heavy investment in her studies and career, the Worker Bee’s looks are very rarely optimal.  They tend to dress and groom themselves in a more practical manner than one that emphasizes beauty. Most Worker Bees tend to have shorter hair as it’s easy to maintain, and they rarely wear heels if they can get away with it.  You’ll have to break her of the habit of wearing teacher dresses and mom jeans if you want to be proud when you take her in public. A trip to the local department store for a makeover will do wonders for her looks and make her feel much prettier around you. A lot of them will appear somewhat frumpy at first but may be hiding a gem beneath. Compliment her appearance when she tries hard, but discourage her bad fashion and makeup decisions.

The key to understanding the Worker Bee’s mentality lies in understanding that particular part of Korean culture.  Traditionally it has been expected that an employee at a company be entirely devoted to their work, oftentimes even putting it ahead of family.  This translates to up to 16 hour workdays, working on weekends, and sometimes even sleeping at the company so that no waking moment is lost. The flip side to this was that the company would then take care of their employees, paying handsome salaries to care for the family, promoting from within, and leaving employees with generous pensions should they survive to retirement.

Since the advent of globalization and women effectively doubling the available workforce without equivalent growth in job numbers, the companies no longer have to adhere to their side of the agreement but the employees still feel social pressure that they need to do their part.

It’s only important that you understand that so you can understand the mindset of the Worker Bee.  She believes in indentured servitude even when there is no promise of a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  This type of woman will be exceedingly easy to manipulate into almost anything that you want from her, as long as you dangle in front of her the possibility of something great in return.

One important factor in this seduction is that the Worker Bee will usually be more intelligent than other women you meet in Korea, at least academically speaking.  This doesn’t mean you should try to talk with her about Hegel, it likely won’t work out well. Instead it means you should engage her imagination. Letting her fill in the blanks and connect the dots on her own will allow you a great deal more freedom in the seduction and it will make it much more enjoyable for her as well.

A key factor of seduction with anyone is engaging the imagination in some form or fashion.  With bar girls, a quick ear nibble will engage their imagination physically to let them envision what is in store for them later in the evening, but with an intellectual girl you can engage much more than just the physical senses – you can engage the mental, emotional, and possibly even spiritual.

Put yourself in the shoes of the Worker Bee.  All she does every day is work, dawn to dusk, and then sometimes go drinking with the same coworkers she spends all day with.  What do you think she is looking for in her life? If your answer is, “Anything at all other than work,” you are absolutely correct.

She is primed and ready to accept the seduction of adventure and new experiences.

The good news is that this can be almost anything… as long as it’s not work-related or simply drinking.  A trip out of town to the mountains in the east is a great choice, as it instantly isolates the two of you and it’s a romantic trip that will get her engine running for a long time to come.  If you want to pursue a longer relationship with her, occasional activities like this will easily keep her around.

If you’re looking for something more short term, anything out of the ordinary is a good start.  The most important thing is that it has to feel like an adventure and like you are the source of this sharp break from her dreary normal reality.

Because she’s a ‘smart’ girl, you may be tempted to do more high-brow activities like an art museum or orchestra show.  While these aren’t bad date ideas, they likely won’t stimulate her in the way you want.

In this manner, the Worker Bee and the Prude have a bit of overlap but for different reasons.  The worker bee doesn’t have time for anything fun, and something a little edgier or even immature will play well with her.  Show a streak of bad boy qualities and interests, but not so much that it scares her away. A rock concert or a trip to an amusement park will likely give you more bang for your buck than a fancy pants museum trip.


Keys to Sealing the Deal

If you meet a Worker Bee and want to get her abuzz for you, you’ll need to excite her senses.  This is much easier if you actually live an exciting life, but even if you don’t you can pretend for a little bit.  After all, most of these women are extremely bored and disillusioned with their corporate lives. As long as you don’t seem like another one of the suits she’s used to dealing with all day long, you should be okay.

One great advantage to the Worker Bee is that she likely has a good deal of spare cash and won’t be shy about spending it, so even if you aren’t flush with excess funds you can go on a fun trip with her.  The best way to excite her is get her out of her normal routine. For most corporate workers, this involves long days of near-slave labor that sometimes even extend into the weekend as well.

Take her out of town to a place where you can relax.  If the weather is nice, rent a pension out in Gyeonggi-do or Kangwon-do.  If you’re an outdoorsy type, take her whitewater rafting or hiking. Make sure whatever you do isn’t too strenuous – the point is to relax.  Anyway, if you’re doing it right then she will need her energy for later in the evening.

If you have just met her or she seems unlikely to go on an out of town trip with you, do something adventurous in town.  There are always festivals of some kind going on, but even a late night trip to Hongdae park to watch live music and have a drink will likely be out of the ordinary for her.

Any other slightly special or abnormal activity will be an adventure for her.  While you could do some of the standard fare like a cherry blossom festival or a walk down the river, these won’t excite her as much and it won’t make you stand apart from other suitors.  Her other suitors will probably be other boring drones from her workplace, so the more you can differentiate yourself the better. If you don’t want to break the bank, you could even just take her on a walk through a part of the city most people don’t walk through and call it an adventure.

One key item to note is that you need to make sure her phone is off or at least on silent.  It’s better if you actually take her phone away from her, if you can do that without being weird about it.  The reason for this is that the Worker Bee will often get calls or messages from her boss / coworkers asking her to do this or that.  You want her to be focused on you, not on her work. Drawing a distinct line between working and spending time with you will be essential for maintaining her interest and helping her sever the normal 24/7 link she has to her work.

Another thing to be aware of regardless of where you take her is that you should be quite strong in leading the interaction.  Women who work for companies think of themselves as strong and independent, but in reality they spend all of their time taking orders from their superiors at work.  They are well-trained to follow orders, and they long for a man to lead them around without having to bark at them and force them to do things they don’t want to do.  A strong frame will get the Worker Bee excited and maintaining that attitude into the bedroom will make them happily compliant partners with whatever you tell them to do.


Where to Find Her

If you’re interested in finding a nice Worker Bee and maybe converting her into a sugar mama, there is good news and bad news.  The good news is that Worker Bees are everywhere, all around you, all the time. The bad news is that they are rarely at a place where guys think to find women.  Unless it’s her birthday or some special occasion, you probably won’t find her at a local bar or club.

The places you’re most likely to find a Worker Bee are the places that most guys don’t think to pick up women – grocery stores, local restaurants, museums, etc.  There is no definitive “best” place to meet Worker Bees, but you will doubtless find a disproportionate number of them on subways and buses during rush hour before and after work, otherwise in local restaurants after work hours.  You will also find them on the street regularly, some places more so than others. You’ll be able to spot them by their professional (not glamorous) attire, tired eyes, and broken spirit.

Another good, if not obvious, way to meet these women is at their workplace.  Whenever you go to some kind of corporate business for something, say you’re getting your phone repaired at a Samsung center, keep an eye out for cute girls who work there.  Korean workers aren’t used to having friendly customers, especially if they work in some kind of service industry, so a little bit of sugar goes a long way. While you won’t be able to turn this into an instadate, you will probably be able to nab at least a few numbers this way.  Most of these girls will be so desperate for positive attention that they will be more than happy to give you their contact information, even if they’re a little shy at first. Bonus points if you make her blush.


Pros and Cons

The Worker Bee has some drawbacks, but she has a surprising number of advantages for the budding player.  Let’s begin with the negative aspects of these ladies.

First of all, the Worker Bee will not have very much time to spend with you.  You will always be playing second fiddle in her life. Oftentimes she won’t be able to meet up at convenient times and may even cancel plans with you because of her work.  This won’t even strike her as strange, as everything else in her life also takes a back seat to her corporate overlords.

Because of this backwards prioritization, the Worker Bee has probably not had very many successful relationships in the past.  There are two viable ways that this has led her – either a string of meaningless one-night hookups or a rather lonely life devoid of significant male attention.  This can also be attributed to her frumpy attitude toward beauty and fashion.

This makes her more wary and standoffish toward men who show interest in her, even if it appears to be genuine.  She may be willing to go out with you several times while still refusing to give up the goodies, not unlike a Prude.  In order to combat this, the player must show himself to be more interesting and valuable than the stability and comfort she normally craves.

On a similar note, one of the other downsides of the Worker Bee is her general appearance.  Corporate dress code in Korea is far from flattering on most women who dress like a mix between Hillary Clinton and a grade school teacher.  They tend to wear a minimal amount of makeup, just enough to hide the raccoon eyes they get from working too long and sleeping too little.

This habit of overworking and overstressing herself leads us to the final major shortcoming of the Worker Bee – her work itself.  Despite what crappy American pop culture tries to tell you, women who place work above all else do not make good long-term partners.  They are too emotionally detached and their time is too often unavailable.  They are also stressed out almost every day, which leads to unnecessary whining and drama that no player wants or needs in his life.

This problem however, along with many of the others, can be resolved if she is willing to quit or change her job and do something different.  While this is rather unlikely, it would end most of their problems and make them (potentially) a much better woman and girlfriend.

Now that we’re done bashing these poor working girls, let’s look at the reasons they make a great woman for players new to the game or Korea.

The first thing I want to mention is that one of their negative traits can be turned into a major positive one if you play it correctly.  Many of the Worker Bees are naturally quite pretty (not hot, just pretty), but don’t know how to show themselves well. A savvy player can take a 5 and turn her into a 7 with the right leading attitude.  Insist that she wear heels and skirts when she comes to meet you. Take her to get a makeover so you can make sure she doesn’t skimp or overdo it, and then compliment her on how much better she looks. Take a picture of her when she’s all put together and compare it to a picture of her when she’s looking frumpy, and encourage the good behavior.

I know this may sound like a lot of investment and work, but it comes with a major upside.  By taking a mediocre girl and making her hot, you get to have a good looking woman with you but – and this is a big but – she won’t have the hot girl attitude.  She still thinks of herself as an ugly girl and will maintain that mindset.  This means that she won’t get the bitchy too-cool-for-school attitude that infects so many hot Korean girls these days, and in fact, she’ll be grateful to you for helping to elevate her.

Girls who don’t think of themselves as hot are always eager to please their men instead of expecting things from their men.  They don’t give the same number of shit tests, and when they ask if they look good they aren’t fishing for compliments – they are actually looking to you for your approval.  This is a very good place to be in the balance of a relationship, especially for guys who are new to the game. Essentially, by taking the time to polish up a Worker Bee you get the benefits of both types of women.

Worker Bees also have an extremely low chance of cheating on you.  Part of this is because of the power dynamic described in the previous paragraphs, but also because her super busy work schedule simply doesn’t allow for her to go out and get tempted away by other players.

As an added bonus to these things, the Worker Bee works hard and usually gets paid pretty well.  If you’re in Korea as a teacher or enlisted military, she most certainly gets paid better than you.  Don’t be afraid to use this to your advantage and let her take you out for nice dinners and trips. This is doubly true if she’s older than you.  In Korean culture, it’s generally expected that men pay for most things, but it’s also expected that in a relationship the man is older. Either way, don’t let those things bother you – if you’re not Korean, you don’t have to follow those expectations.  If she dresses especially nice, reward her by letting her take you out for a nice dinner. Tell her that with complete confidence with just a slight hint of joking and she will oblige. Don’t forget, these girls are trained to be followers.

Their tendency to follow strength and authority also extends to other parts of the relationship, specifically in the bedroom.  Worker Bees are happy to please their men in a very real way, and will oblige your every desire as long as you are strong and commanding.  “Come here,” “Bend over,” “Sit like this,” are all phrases that work well on the submissive Worker Bees in bed. I’ve also noticed that they enjoy being choked, but be careful doing this if you’ve never tried.  Not a move for amateurs.

Another reason that Worker Bees are great targets for younger or less experienced players is that they are generally easier to seduce that many other types, most notably the Prude, yet they’re easier to keep around than Party Animals or Foreigner Lovers.  In comparison, Worker Bees have less experience with men than those party girls and in turn have lower expectations. Basically you’re lowering your field of competition from all the men at the bar on any given night down to just competing with the other corporate drones at her work.

For the inexperienced player or someone new to Korea, I recommend giving the Worker Bee a shot.  They can be a lot of fun and give great experience to the men who know what they are doing, and help build the confidence of the men who don’t yet know.  Just never forget that you’re only the side project and don’t get too invested.

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