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If you’re still on it, go to your Facebook or Instagram feed.  Look at the profiles of 2 or 3 attractive girls you know.  Look at the mind-boggling amount of activity on their pictures in terms of likes and comments.  If yours is one of them, you are never ever going to nail her.

These girls know exactly what they’re doing, and with every picture they post, they get more and more likes and followers.  It’s attention whoring, pure and simple.  If you contribute to that, then I guarantee, she’s never going to give you the time of day.

Those guys who are all liking on commenting on her pictures, especially the ones that don’t speak Korean but are using their limited ability for (or even worse, Google translating) their comments are absolutely beneath her, and you know that to be the case because she won’t respond to them.  99% of the time, she won’t even bother hitting the like button for the comments because she’s too busy taking the next exactly right photo and fixing it up perfectly to hit the exact amount of skin shown to draw in the likes along with just enough modesty that it doesn’t make her feel “slutty.”

This is what these girls live for – your likes, your comments, and her ability to completely ignore your existence as a human being.

Sound cold, doesn’t it?  Look at her pictures again, and especially the number of comments / likes versus the number of replies she’s given.  Her validation is her lifeblood, and social media has given even marginally attractive girls the ability to get more validation than is reasonable for any human.  The fact that they abuse it is simply human nature to them though.

Women simply don’t have the same kind of self-reward and motivating mechanisms in them that men do.  For example, when men practice a skill and get better at it, we get a momentary surge of dopamine.  You did that, your efforts are paying off, you are becoming a better man and person by the day.  Women however, don’t have that drive to become a better person, because quite frankly, they rely on their beauty to perpetuate their genes.  Men must be smart, strong, and dependable, women must just be beautiful.  They simply need more people to like them today than yesterday, and the depth or cause of that affection is entirely secondary to the pure number.

That validation is roughly the same as a meal.  It satisfies her for the time being, but in a couple of hours that pleasure she felt is gone and needs to be replenished.  And just like a meal, it’s only a source of a good feeling, not the good feeling yourself.  Imagine if a restaurant told you that they liked you so much that they wanted you to only eat there from now on.  Of course you would say no, they’re just a place that gives you food, there is no real attachment.  The modern girl treats her beta orbiters and Facebook fans the same way.  She can become famous, or at least feel that way, without having done anything notable or worthwhile.  The people who like her pictures and status updates simply contribute to her growing fame and narcissism.

You can hit like on one of a girl’s pictures or on a hundred, but you’ll never stand separate from the crowd, and you’ll certainly never be something she picks to be with outside of her social media.  The men who are into a girl on Facebook are similar to a band’s fans.  They are appreciated for the brief moment that they bring happiness to the person in question, but they are quickly dismissed and forgotten as just another in a long string of people of the same vein.

Don’t succumb to a girl’s calls for attention.  If anything, withhold it from her.  Make her earn your attention and affection by doing things for you that she won’t do for someone, or everyone, else.  And if she won’t?  Move on, she was never into you in the first place.