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 As a foreigner landing in Korea, one of your first impulses will be to ask the local guys how to be successful with their women.  After all, they’ve been dealing with these women for longer than you and are sure to know more and have a few tips or tricks for you.

Never do this.                                                                                                

The simple fact is that Korean men are extremely nationalistic and possessive, and many of them feel like foreigners come over here to steal their women away from them.  While it may be true that we are here to get with Korean women, the problem is that they view it as a zero sum game: every Korean woman that you get with is one more that they can’t.  Even the most progressive seeming Korean men still have an urge to protect their women from the evil foreign meat scepter, and will cockblock you every step of the way.

They may do this inadvertently by giving you terrible advice for talking to Korean women, or more directly by any number of methods.  While Korean women, especially those who are out with their friends, can be the legendary cockblocks we’re all used to in normal game, Korean men are a very special kind of cockblock.

Almost all Korean men lack an abundance mentality, and will feel very slighted if you manage to pull a girl but they don’t.  Several times I’ve brought a girl back to a table where I was with a friend and he got visibly pouty when he saw that I hadn’t brought another girl back for him as well.  They’ll make all sorts of excuses and rationalizations for this, as the K-Hamster is very strong, and it’s all the same whiny shit that we’ve heard back home from other guys who can’t get laid too.

“That’s so weird to go up to a girl you don’t know!  She probably thinks you’re a creep!”

“Even if I went up to a girl, what would I even say to her?”

“Girls in bars are nasty, I have standards.”

“I’m not so desperate that I need to meet a random girl tonight.”

When all is said and done, most Korean guys have little to no game.  They think that game means going to a club and dropping a thousand dollars (or more!) on bottle and table service so that they can call hot girls over to chat with them and try to get a number, with little else in mind.  Most Korean guys simply go to the bar to get fucked up with their friends and spend the evening yelling loudly at each other about absolutely nothing.  The idea of meeting a new girl at the bar and possibly going home with her that night is completely foreign to them.

My advice – leave the Korean guys at home when you go out chasing tail.  They won’t do anything to help advance your game, and they’ll likely drag you down.  Save those guys for boys’ night out when you’re not looking specifically to get laid.