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Sometimes when you’re talking to a girl, you know the interaction is coming to an end and the only way to keep it going is to get the number and start laying down the groundwork for a future lay.  There are differing schools of thought on getting a girl’s number around the player community, but at least in Korea this is the most effective move I’ve found.

Pull out your phone and put it on the dialer screen, then just hand her the phone.

That’s it. You don’t even have to say a word, you can just hand it to her and look at her.  She knows what to do.  If you want to add a grunt, or maybe if you’re having a particularly flowing conversation you can add in a “Go ahead and drop your number in here.”  The point here is that you never ask her for her number, and never under any circumstances allow her to take your number without giving you hers first.  You’ll never hear from that girl again.

Once she puts in her number, get her to help you “spell her name” just in case you forgot it (a super handy play especially since we aren’t Korean and have an easy excuse).  Once her name and number is saved in your phone, send her a text message with your name.  Make sure it’s an SMS message so it shows up with your number and she’ll know who you are when you call or message later.

I know this method seems a bit counterintuitive, especially at the end of a conversation, but it has proven time and time again to be pure gold.  I’ve even pulled phone numbers from girls I’ve never met, simply by walking up to them on the street and handing them my phone with a wry smile.  This doesn’t surprise the fellow players out there, but a lot of guys out here still don’t know that nonverbal communication is way more important than whatever you say.  That’s why the language barrier is actually a rather small hurdle to overcome, unless you’re trying to start some kind of relationship… And even then, it’s not that bad.

So try this next time you want to get a girl’s number, even if you don’t have time or a chance to talk to her first.  Just hand her the phone with the dialer at the ready, and be prepared to start sorting through all the numbers you will be drowning in.