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I’ve been all around Korea and both seen and tried innumerable pickups.  I’ve been blown out of the water dozens or even hundreds of times.  Sometimes even the interaction with a girl is going well, I can still be foiled by man’s greatest enemy – the cockblock.  This is most often a friend who’s angry, jealous, or overly protective.  Sometimes it’s a “boyfriend” who gallantly appears out of nowhere to save a fair maiden from the evils of the white devil and his trouser snake.  But of the many cockblocks I’ve witnessed, the worst by far is the man’s own fault.

Overdrinking is the biggest cockblock in all of Korea.

For anyone who knows me, you will know that this is absolutely a self-indictment as well.  I have cockblocked myself by being stupidly drunk so many times it’s not even funny.  I’ve also seen a ton of guys strike out completely because they were too drunk to even step up to the plate properly.

Korea has an extraordinarily heavy drinking culture.  In fact, it’s quite common to get completely toasted while just eating dinner with friends.  Soju is an evil mistress, and she’s one that almost everyone in Korea worships as the lifegiver.  If you have a standard constitution, one bottle will get you pretty solidly drunk, and even if you’re a professional alcohol, three bottles will put you on your ass.

Even if you manage to avoid the dinnertime soju, almost all the places where you can effectively game girls in the evenings and at night involve alcohol.  In Korea, a general rule is that everybody in a given group should drink together at around the same rate.  You can avoid this if you go to largely foreigner populated areas, but what fun is that?

The only solution I can come up with is to roll solo and not drink much whenever you’re out picking up, or find girls willing to get equally drunk with you throughout the night.  You still have to keep it all under control and know your own limits, which can be very difficult in this culture of 24/7 drinking.

Another possible solution to avoid this problem is to run more day game and turn them into insta-dates or start collecting numbers and take girls out in a way where you can control the amount of alcohol you both drink.

In this drink-heavy country, it can be easy to start using alcohol as a crutch, but that will only inhibit your game and chances of scoring with the girls you want.  The drunk guy never goes home with the hottie, only with the troll if with anyone at all.  Use alcohol effectively as a tool and you’ll experience greater success with the girls you are aiming for.