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LOOKS: 2-7

ONS: 30% – 60%

LTR: Low to Low-Medium desirability

The Alcoholic is a frighteningly common type of Korean girl, especially among the university and recently graduated crowds.  Drinking is a highly pervasive part of Korean culture, and is viewed as a much more important part of socialization than it is in the West.  Almost everybody in Korea drinks to some extent, and most people go out on the weekends knowing that they will probably be going home drunk.  What sets The Alcoholic apart from the rest of the pack is her singularity of purpose in drinking.

The Alcoholic can also have crossover into other categories of girl, most notably The Party Animal, The Foreigner Lover, and The Slut.  While those girls have a propensity for drinking, none of them are entirely focused on the consumption of alcohol for a good time.  Her near-obsession with drinking can have good and bad consequences for you, but it makes her very easy to manipulate into doing the things you want.

The Alcoholic will almost never agree to social interactions unless alcohol of some type is involved, and will probably even shy away from more responsible forms of drinking like a wine tasting.  She is a heavy drinker, and will be the first to suggest drinks in any situation.  She will also not be satisfied with one or two beers, but will continue drinking until the night comes to some sort of conclusion or she is physically incapable of continuing.

This is not necessarily a bad thing though, because The Alcoholic is a terrifically fun party companion.  She is usually very entertaining to hang out with until she goes over the cliff, and she likely has some great stories of drunken nights to share.  The ideal place to hang out with her is at a very low-cost dive bar, or drinking in front of convenience stores on the street if the weather is nice.

Because of her years of binge drinking and focus on alcohol above all else, you can’t expect much from this one in terms of beauty.  Most hover around the 4-6 range, with occasional outliers in either direction.  I trust that you have the wherewithal to avoid the trolls of this bunch and at least aim high enough that you can get it up when the time comes to finish off the night.

Your chances of hooking up with The Alcoholic on the night you meet is quite high as her inhibitions fade quickly, but her percentage is lowered by the very real possibility of her blacking out or even passing out altogether.  I have had to literally carry girls to taxis and shove them in to send them home on more than one occasion.  Be prepared to be cockblocked by the very drinks you give her.  The best way to combat this is to have only 2 or 3 drinks each, possibly share a pitcher of beer instead (cost effectiveness), and then change venues.  Two bars should be enough to convince her that the third venue should involve a bed.

The Alcoholic is not a girl to keep around as a girlfriend, but is not a bad addition to a stable of regular FWB’s.  She’s also probably not the kind of girl you want to show off to your friends, but that’s okay because she’s probably more fun for a night out on the town than most guys in Korea.  Another interesting aspect is that The Alcoholic has probably had more than her share of flings and hookups, so she won’t be personally offended when the sexual relationship eventually gets stale and tapers off.  This doesn’t mean that you have to stop hanging out with her though, because The Alcoholic can prove to be an excellent female wingman when you go out hunting for new prospects.  This is doubly so because she’s Korean and can easily distract a nosy or protective friend with more drinks and a fun attitude.

Keys to sealing the deal: The obvious way to win the heart of The Alcoholic is to get drinks, get a few more, then cap it off with a few more.  The good news here is that, unlike The Prude or The Shy Girl, this girl is no stranger to buying her own drinks.  The burden of the tab will not fall on you entirely unless you let it happen that way.  Take her to a low-key bar or even a house party, somewhere that the drinks flow freely and cheaply.  She won’t be looking for anything especially fancy, and she probably won’t even care about brands of beer or liquor.  The only trick to making the lay happen will be getting her to agree to go home before she tips over the edge of too drunk.  You can accomplish this with regular venue changes to keep some space between drinks or with classics to keep the party personal, like ‘taking a walk.’  Either way, you basically have to babysit her intake as well as monitoring your own.  The worst case scenario here is that you succeed in getting her back home and find yourself with a bad case of Whiskey Dick.

Where to find her: The Alcoholic, unsurprisingly, will be found almost anywhere with alcohol.  A good bet will be dive bars, all-you-can-drink bars and gatherings, or places with bar games meant for people to pass the time while they get drunk (pool and darts).  You may find these girls in clubs occasionally, but their main focus is drinking instead of dancing or music, so if you’re into music, it’s better to look at venues with live bands playing.  Check Facebook events in your area for unlimited drink specials and local bars with things like Ladies’ Night or cheap tequila shots.  With cheap booze, The Alcoholic is sure to follow.

Pros and cons: The Alcoholic has a lot of good qualities, but surely as many bad ones to go with them.  The best quality of this girl is that she is simply a lot of fun to be around.  She’s usually fairly young and socially adept, so she can fit into almost any social group or situation… as long as there’s booze.  She can be a really fun night out, not to mention a relatively cheap one.  If your wallet is on the empty side, an evening of sitting in front of a 7-11 drinking cheap beers together is a good one.  Another pro is that, if you can keep her from getting too blitzed, there’s an extremely good possibility of you getting your willy wet with this one.  The downside though is that it’s basically your responsibility to make sure neither of you gets too blitzed, and it can be hard to tell just how much these little Korean girls can take.  Even the ones who drink a lot will hit the cliff at some point and turn into rag dolls.  Do all you can to avoid this.  Another issue with the alcoholic is that she’s not really worth anything more than a one-off or possible friend with benefits status.  You can’t very well enter into a relationship with a girl who habitually gets so drunk that she doesn’t know what she did the night before, because it’s only a matter of time before she doesn’t remember WHO she did the night before.  Be careful putting any trust or faith into this one, because you’ll definitely get burned at some point.

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