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delete facebookFacebook has become the largest global phenomenon of our generation.  It allows you to connect with friends from anywhere in the globe and share your life.  It allows you to keep in touch with people near and far as well as see what is happening in their lives.

It is also a complete waste of time and ruins your game with women.

The following are five good reasons for any man living in Korea to delete his Facebook.

1. Facebook isn’t necessary in Korea

When you’re a foreigner living in Korea, it can be overwhelming at first.  You arrive and you start meeting lots of people from all around the world and you can easily get overexcited about making a lot of new friends.  Your first instinct is to do what you did back home – Add them as Facebook friends.  You will immediately notice that all the foreigners have Facebook accounts, but only about half of the Koreans do.

A lot of Koreans don’t use Facebook.  They do use other social media like KakaoTalk or KakaoStory, but the only thing you really need to be able to do is chat with them.  If you’re running your game right, she won’t forget you so Facebook is entirely unnecessary for them.

Many people keep their Facebook accounts open in order to talk with family and friends back home, but even for that I would suggest other apps such as Viber for chatting and OTO for free international calls.  If you must keep your Facebook active for some reason, keep it as spartan as possible.  Few, if any, posts, don’t allow people to tag you in photos, don’t allow people to search for you, and change your name to something that others wouldn’t think to find you under.

2. It Ruins Your Chances With Her

This is what happens when her Beta Orbiter tries to talk to her.

This is what happens when her Beta Orbiter tries to talk to her.

One big mistake that I see a lot of budding players make is that they go for a Facebook close.  They’re chatting with a girl and want to contact her later, so rather than getting the number or going for gold right away, they ask the girl for her Facebook contact.  This is a big mistake for a couple of reasons.

The first and most important reason is that it simply won’t work.  Girls don’t look at Facebook as a place to find guys to hook up with or even keep in touch with.  It’s a place for them to post pictures of themselves or their food to get a bunch of likes and a place to boost their ego on their birthdays.  If you think you’re going to somehow stand out from her throngs of adoring online fans, you are sadly mistaken.

The other reason is that it will actually decrease your chances of hooking up with her.  Unless you are a modern-day Adonis who always looks perfect (HINT: You’re not.), there will be pictures on your profile that will turn her off from you.  They might be pictures of you with other girls, maybe pictures of you drunk with your buddies, or even just old embarrassing family photos, but there will be something to lower your standing in her eyes.  It’s known that women judge photos harsher than real life encounters, so without your charming personality there to distract her, all she’ll see is your snaggletooth.

To a girl, Facebook is the friendzone of the new millennium.  It acts as a digital stable of all the lowly guys she can count on for male attention when she’s feeling down.  The worst possible scenario is if you ask for her number and she offers her Facebook instead.  At that point she’s just trying to get you to be another of her Beta Orbiters which brings me to the next point.

3. You Reward Their Attention Whoring

Women are notorious for needing attention for validation.  While before they would have to hit the gym regularly, watch their diets, and get all dolled up to get a lot of male attention, now all they have to do is take a selfie at a creative angle, put a filter on it, and watch the likes flow in.  This instant gratification is at least partly responsible for the constant downslide in standards of feminine beauty in the west.

While that hasn’t entirely taken place here in Korea yet, the cracks are starting to show.  On a moral principle I refuse to take part in encouraging that, but it also significantly reduces your chances of getting with any said girl.  This effect is two-fold because it hits both the psyches of men and women.

For the men, you’re seeing her pictures that are the end result of hundreds of snaps, dozens of different angles, a good bit of photoshopping, and a nice filter on top.  You’re not seeing what she really looks like, and it makes you think she’s actually much better looking than she really is.  While this could possibly be a nice way of showing off your conquests after the fact, if you’re looking at her pictures before hooking up with her, you’re only increasing her value in your mind and putting her more on a pedestal.  Whether you know it or not, this will show when you interact with her in person.

On her end, she’s getting incredible responses from each picture she posts.  A reasonably attractive girl will get a minimum of 100 likes and 20 comments on anything she does, which artificially increases her own sense of self-worth beyond the point of normalcy.  What you end up with is a 5 who thinks she’s an 8, and every person that likes or comments on her updates is essentially a stepping stone under her feet as she climbs the looks ladder as high as possible.  If you are one of those people, one of her Beta Orbiters, you can bet your bottom dollar that your chances of scoring with her are hovering around zero.  However, if you’re not one of those guys because you don’t have Facebook…

4. It makes you more interesting.most-interesting-man-in-the-world-lg

When the whole world is doing one thing and someone intentionally chooses to go the opposite direction, it makes people curious.  Everyone assumes he has a good reason to buck the trend and swim upstream, and they want to know more.  This can work to your advantage in several ways.

The obvious one is that it gives you a slight air of mystery, a sense of someone strong enough that they don’t need social validation and brownie points for personal happiness.  Women do not possess this quality, so it makes them interested to know more.  This gives you a great opportunity to show off some of your better and stronger qualities if you’re genuinely interested in her or make some silly banter and tease her for using girly social validation tools if you’re just trying to get the bang.  Regardless of what you want from her, this is a winning scenario.

On top of this, it adds a sense of urgency to the interaction.  She will realize that, unlike herself, you don’t collect online friends like her grandfather collected scars from the Japanese.  This means that she only has this one night (or afternoon if you’re day gaming) to make a good impression on you and show you what she’s got.  She knows that you’re not a Beta Orbiter, and while there is still the chance to exchange phone numbers and keep moving, a guy that doesn’t keep friends online has many more in person.  That translates to a lot more numbers in your phone, and deep down, she knows that she won’t stand out especially in that sea of names and dates.  Don’t be afraid to tell her as much either, it’s a position of strength that you can use to help slide those panties off.
5. Every minute you spend on Facebook is a minute you could be doing something better.work-out-1408228464

This reason isn’t specific to Korea, but is a very good thing for every man to remember.  Any time you are doing something that doesn’t directly increase your value, worth, or stature as a man is a complete waste of time.  Facebook is one of those things, and is one of the biggest culprits of time wasting across all spectrums of people.

Instead of browsing through your feed of useless garbage that infests Facebook, turn it off and go outside.  Get to a café and talk to a cute girl there.  If you don’t feel like going out, read a book.  Go to the gym.  Study Korean.  Start learning a new instrument.  There are literally thousands of things you can do with your time that are better than sifting through Zuckerberg’s dump heap.  And every single one of them will improve your life and success with women.

I hope that you see why Facebook is a waste of your time while you’re here in Korea and choose to get rid of it today.  Right now.  This moment.  Stop reading and delete your Facebook.