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seoulplayer tinder koreaHey there, players!  I’ve received a lot of interest and feedback asking for more information about Tinder in Korea.  I am personally not a big fan of it, but I recognize that there is a desire to hear more advice about it.  Fortunately for you guys, my close friend Julius likes Tinder and has a lot to say about it.

Because it’s a topic that has generated such interest, we’ve decided to write out our advice for the different aspects of Tinder as a back and forth column.  For each section, Julius will give you his advice first and then I will give a second opinion and advice.  We’ve both had success with online dating, but we have very different styles, so hopefully one of us will resonate with your personal style.

Tinder is an incredibly popular dating app that has streamlined online dating for everyone the world over. Unlike dating websites that still have that stigma of being only for basement dwelling losers, Tinder is popular with people of all backgrounds. Whereas OkCupid and Match require the lengthy and tiring process of making a profile, Tinder’s profile making process is streamlined as it connects to other popular apps. Matching varies from person to person, and meeting women off of it is as easy as swiping left or right. Now how do we get those matches? Here’s how.


JULIUS: Being limited in how much you write, you’re going to want to make this count. Like any social media app, Tinder is about speed and efficiency.

Not many people take the time to look at your other pictures, let alone read what you’ve put, so I’d recommend putting in the essentials. So what to put in? I’ve got a few suggestions. Talk about what you are looking for. Some women are just there to have fun as are other men. It’s best to make it clear what you want that way you don’t end up with someone wanting a relationship or vice versa, just to have fun.

Where you live in Korea is important too, that way people will have an idea of when and where they can meet you. A few hopeful users only want to meet others in the Seoul area, so if you’re not there, it’s also useful to weed those out that might just waste time.

List activities that you do, such as sports, reading, film, photography and the like. Try to avoid mentioning that you are teaching English… not that there is anything wrong with it, but everyone knows you’re there to teach English, so don’t waste precious space on that redundant fact. And for most women, height is important unfortunately. Even if you don’t list it in your profile, it might come up in conversation eventually. Do not worry though; I’ve had plenty of friends around 5’6”/167 that have had plenty of success on Tinder.

Avoid using terms like “Netflix and chill”, or “hanging out”. Netflix and chill, the euphemism for coming over and fucking, will eventually happen. Everyone hangs out, so don’t state the obvious. Again, just list what you enjoy and what you don’t. Simple.

JACK: I agree with Julius that keeping it simple is best for speed and efficiency, but I think there’s a different way to go about it.  Being entirely honest about what you’re looking for on Tinder is a quick way to get left out.  Most girls are not very interested when they look at a profile and it says “Lookin 2 lay pipe, u down?”

I usually put something much less serious in here.  I never mention things like nationality, languages spoken, jobs, or anything else that you would put on a resume.  Remember, you’re not applying for a job – you’re trying to pique a girl’s interest.

Try putting in some kind of joke.  My most recent Tinder profile before deleting it was a version of 3 truths 1 lie, but all four of the things were ridiculous lies.

Use your imagination when writing this part and don’t take it seriously.  Think about it this way, which person would you want to talk to more?

  1. “American in Seoul looking for my tinderella, like mountain biking and taking pics. Let’s get a drink some time!”
  2. “Bass player in death metal Jimmy Buffet cover band. ROAR”

The point isn’t really what you say so much as just the fact that you make her interested or make her laugh.  She honestly won’t see this until after you’ve matched and you send her a message, so if she wants to know your real details, she can ask.

Also, as a side note… Nobody has ever asked about my height.  That’s just not been a point of conversation in my experience.

Part 2 will be coming soon – The Pictures!