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Of all the different aspects involved in getting a girl from the point of being interested to the point of penetration, the most important is logistics, hands down.  In this case, logistics means the distance from the bar or club where you meet a girl to your home and the way to get there.  Seoul is a huge city with literally hundreds of thousands of places to drink, but if you want an area with western style bars or clubs, there are only a few sections of the city to go.

It doesn’t matter if it’s your first time ever talking to a girl or a seasoned veteran with a 4-digit notch count, if your logistics aren’t good, you’re shooting yourself in the foot.

If you’re lucky enough to live nearby, you’ll be in a veritable poosy paradise.  If not, you’ll have to start figuring things out to make it easier on yourself.  The ideal situation is to get an apartment near the places you like to hang out, preferably within walking distance.  A couple of years ago, I had an apartment that was a 5 minute walk away from the bar district of Hongdae, the party capitol of Seoul.  Given those logistics, I could easily pick up as many times as I wanted to each week.

After that, I moved further away, to an area that was cheaper to live in but it was about an hour taxi ride away from Hongdae.  The change in logistics meant that I had to change my game.  Instead of a simple line like, “Let’s grab a beer and take a walk,” that could end up at my place, I now had to have game so tight that the girl didn’t mind taking an hour long taxi to my place, and the corresponding trip home in the morning.  There were a lot of nights when I thought I had the deal all but sealed but then got shot down when it came time to get a taxi together.  It may have had cheaper living costs, but the opportunity costs were steeper.

Now, if you’re familiar with Korea at all, you might be thinking, “What about love motels?  They’re everywhere in Korea, they’re relatively cheap, and if a girl goes there you know she’s down for it.”  Those things are true, but Korean girls are extremely conscious of not looking like sluts in public even if they don’t have friends around.  Getting into a taxi with a guy they don’t know well at night is about a 7 out of 10 on that scale.  Going to a love motel is around 11.  Most of the girls I’ve ended up in motel rooms with have been regulars when we didn’t want to taxi all the way back.  There have been a couple of others, but those are girls that were specifically out that night to get some dick and didn’t care what others thought about it.  A lot, if not most, of Korean girls will have extreme reservations about going that route.

The best ways to ease this burden on yourself are to either move to where the party is or find a party near you.  If you live away from the heart of the city, you can try to mitigate the damage by using some phone apps to find a few regulars in your area.  There also might be some dive bars nearby that can work as a half-ass party place.  If you find an area near you with more than one love motel nearby, you’ve found something workable.  You also need to get your day game strong so you can meet the girls who live nearby and start getting them on the go as well.

But if you want to make life easy for yourself and get all the loving you can handle?  Move to the center of the party.  Your bed will never be empty.