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Last weekend I took the second in my series of trips around Korea to gather more information to share with you.  The first weekend, I was in Seoul, and it is probably a trip I will do again later once I’ve honed my information gathering strategy a bit more.  In my reflections from that weekend, I noted that simply trying to get laid in a different city didn’t really provide me with new information about that city, but was just a representation of who was out on that particular night.  That weekend in Seoul wasn’t a great night because of weather and timing, as it was the national vacation week in Korea so there weren’t many people out.

When I went to Daejeon, I decided to start doing interviews with the different girls I talked to throughout the night, and I’m pleased to say that the weekend was much more productive.  Throughout the weekend, I was able to get 18 different girls to stop their evening and do an interview with me.  What blew me away was how incredibly open these girls were in sharing their intimate details, as long as nobody else was around to hear it.  There were two girls in particular, the only two I met at a particular bar, who were extremely forthcoming regarding their dating and sexual histories.  We had met only moments before, and they were already sharing their deepest secrets with me.

I found that asking for interviews with the girls in a low-key quieter bar was much more successful than stopping girls on the street to ask them, as those street interviews were heavily colored because they wanted to do it with their friends around instead of one on one.  I could instantly tell when the girls started lying or changing their answers to conform to the norm or avoid being viewed as the slut of the group.  However, even those lies and the way the girls tell them revealed some good insights about their behaviors and practices in private as opposed to what they tell their friends.

Each interview would last about 5 to 10 minutes, depending on the answers the girls gave.  I had an outline of questions that I was starting with, but I would add or change the line of questions if the girls gave me something I found interesting or informative.  For example, one girl told me that she had only had one Korean boyfriend, and had since only dated foreigners.  This led me to start asking her questions about where she meet them, what attracted her to them, and other pertinent details that I think other men would find helpful.

Another girl told me that she had never had a one-night stand or hooked up the day she met a guy, then later in the interview told me that she had dated a German guy once for a whopping 2 days.  When I grilled her on the subject a bit more, she admitted to having hooked up with him the day they met but “it didn’t count” because they had talked online before meeting in person.

The girls in Korea don’t like to admit to having a one-nighter or having slept with a man the first day, but the fact is that many of them do it anyway.  Even the good girls are prone to same-day sex if the situation and game are good enough.  However, they are always able to find a way to justify something as ‘not counting’ in their heads, which lets them conveniently gloss over it.  As the age-old knowledge goes – ask a guy his number and divide by three, ask a girl her number and multiply by three.

Later I’m going to delve more into the interviews, all of which I recorded on my phone, and try to make some charts or infographs for the different cities and the responses I got from girls, but that’s going to take a good bit of time so you’ll have to wait before you get the full details on the interviews.

I think I may have to work a bit more on my strategy for the weekend though.  I was able to do a lot of interviews, but it didn’t leave me much opportunity to actually try to get laid myself.  Aside from simply trying a new method, another factor that likely didn’t play in my favor was the guy I brought with me.  He’s a great friend, and a lot of fun to be with, but he doesn’t have much interest in trying to meet women and hook up.  For the next trip, I’ll probably be bringing another friend who has a much stronger sex drive and more experience in the field of pickup.  We’ll see if that changes the dynamic and how it affects my overall results.

Overall, it was a very successful weekend as far as information gathering goes, and I’m looking forward to the next trip which will be to Daegu.