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LOOKS: 4 – 8

ONS: 0% – 20%

LTR: Medium desirability

The Friend is not to be mistaken with a girl who puts you in the friend zone, those girls must be stricken from your number list as if they gave you the clap and killed your dog.  The Friend is a much more subtle and subversive sort of self-cockblocker, but with proper game and strategy, you can easily convert her into a date or two and eventually into the bedroom for the touchdown.

The Friend’s primary characteristic is that she never goes anywhere or does anything without her girlfriends in tow.  The night you meet her, she will definitely be out with her friends, whether that’s at a bar, club, or other social event.  If you manage to get her number, despite the giggling and attempted cockblocking by her friends, you will invite her out and she will suggest another meeting in a public place with her friends again.  She will do this over and over enjoying your attention but never giving up the goods you want from her unless you put an immediate stop to it.

The reason she is so insistent on bringing out her friends all the time is not because she doesn’t want to hook up with you.  If that were the case, she wouldn’t even give you her number, or at the very least would break contact quickly.  It’s actually quite the opposite – it’s that she knows she wants to hook up with you.  If she goes out with you alone after talking for a bit, there’s a very high chance you can bed this girl.  She knows it and her friends know it, but she doesn’t want to be viewed like a Slut, so she tries to put it off so that when it finally happens she can tell her friends that she held out to make sure you were a ‘good guy’.  Right…

Unless your ability to entertain and impress a group of Korean girls is exceptional or you have a truly phenomenal wingman (like maybe an Alcoholic friend), your chances of scoring with her that same night are incredibly slim.  If you’re aiming for it, the most important things are getting very high approval marks from her friends through your clown game and finding a way to isolate her.  You just might be able to pull it off if she’s really into you and you get her to leave her friends to dance with you or play darts together, just something to get her away from her friends and preferably out of sight from them.  From that point, you need to hope your wingman can find a way to distract the friends so they don’t go looking for her and convince her that a venue change is in order, then run standard game to take her home.

If you can’t manage to isolate her and seal the deal, you’ll have to set up another time to meet her alone.  In order to get her out without her friends, you have a couple of options depending on your style.  The first is to play hardball from the beginning and simply say that you don’t want to meet if she insists on bringing her friends.  This may save you some time and effort, but it also has a good chance of backfiring, as girls have an exceptional ability to justify saying no to something they want if they think it will cause them any amount of emotional discomfort or embarrassment.  A swift ultimatum of that sort may also cause an abrupt end to the contact, so if you have some reason that this girl is worth a bit more effort, you can go with another route.

The second way of avoiding the friends is to find a way of meeting up where either the friends won’t want to come, or even better, they won’t be able to.  One thing you could suggest is meeting conveniently nearby one of your homes or workplaces.  If you’re in a relatively large Korean city like Seoul, there’s a very good chance that her friends all live and work in different places around the city.  Instead of a planned event, you could say that you’ll happen to be near her work that evening when she gets off, maybe you’re meeting an old friend for dinner.  Suggest drinks after she finishes work before she goes home.  The friends won’t be able to come, and also won’t want to come.  Most anything you suggest on weekdays will be relatively safe to do it without friends, but it also might hamper her chances to come back to your place unless your logistics are tight.

Regardless of the method you choose, you have to keep your clown game strong with this one.  She’s used to social interactions consisting of lots of fast paced talking and laughing about stupid stuff with her friends, so any lull in the conversation will begin to bore her quickly.  It’s also vitally important that you keep her off her phone during your time together.  Even one or two messages will get her sucked back into her group chat with her comrades, and the plan may quickly unravel if one or two of them expresses disapproval.

After you hook up, if you want to meet her as more than just casual sex a few times, gaining her friends’ approval will be paramount to maintaining the relationship.  You will likely be seeing the friends around quite a bit, so keep your clown game strong.  Develop an arsenal of stupid one-liner Korean jokes or something that fits their sensibility, and leave behind any aloof or player game.  Keep her friends on your side and use their approval to your benefit.  Their validation of you will make you appear a much stronger relationship choice, and they will also run cockblock interference if someone else tries to hit on her at the bar.  Essentially, use her reliance on her friends to your favor rather than hers.

Keys to sealing the deal: The key to this one is entertainment and isolation.  If you can achieve both of these early on, your chances of success go up exponentially.  Unfortunately, that is easier said than done.  In today’s world of smartphones, YouTube, Facebook, and a litany of other forms of instant gratification, you have to compete on the same playing field and actually still be more entertaining than them.  This means you need to have at least a dozen lines, jokes, and stories that will enrapture and amaze her as well as her friends if they’re still around.  The best way to do this is to develop the hypnotist’s patter.  Much like a street hustler playing three card monte, you have to keep the conversation moving forward all the time, so they are like a deer in headlights hooked on every new story or conversation you begin.  This works even better if you have a strong wingman in on the plan.  Once you have achieved a veritable hypnosis, in a way so as not to break the spell, you have to isolate her.  One trick that works will is to offer to teach her something.  This can be anything at all, but it needs to be something that works much better with just the two of you.  Use your environment and be creative.  If you’re in a bar, teach her a pool shot or how to throw darts well.  If you’re in a loud place, tell her you’ll teach her a magic trick, but it has to be outside where you can hear each other.  Get her isolated, continue the spell, and move her to the next venue without her friends.  From that point, standard deal sealing applies.

Where to find her: The Friend can be almost anywhere, but will be very easy to spot.  Anything near a university will lend itself to roving packs of hens as they move to different bars or dessert spots, especially in the pre-midnight hours.  After midnight, the groups may start to whittle down a bit, making your job easier but also making this particular type of girl more difficult to spot.  She may appear to be a Party Animal or possibly a Shy Girl if her personality isn’t strong, but by paying close attention to how she clings to what’s left of her group, you can still pick this one out with an eagle eye.  You will also find this girl very commonly in Korean style pubs, hofs, but pulling anything from one of these groups will take very advanced group game as well as very strong Korean language ability.  When they’re at the hofs, they are not looking to mingle at all, so most likely the best you can do in that situation is a number close.  It might not be a total loss, but I wouldn’t recommend going there if you’re looking to meet women.

Pros and cons: The Friend is probably one of the highest effort / lowest return types of girls on this list, mostly because of the amount of clown game and text game that will be required to turn it into a fruitful rendezvous.  The biggest con is that you have to put in the extra effort to please and wow the friends, but if you can turn the friends in your favor, it can also be one of the biggest pros.  A group of friends who are constantly telling her how cool or great you are will effectively keep the hypnosis going for much longer and much more effectively than you can yourself.  Everyone likes hearing that the man or woman they are interested in is viewed highly by their friends, and this is especially true in Korea where the hive-mind is constantly at play.  If three of the five friends say that you’re great, the others will agree too and make you seem way better than you actually have to demonstrate.

However, you must be careful not to fall into the trap of complacency.  One false move like getting spotted with another girl or making the wrong off-color remark can just as quickly break the spell and turn the horde against you.  Nothing will end a relationship faster than her friends telling her that you’re bad and she can do better.

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